“Savoia oil is precious, an amazing gift”

Fratelli Savoia

Extra virgin olive oil as a wedding favour or company gift? 

For your important events in Apulian style, think about a sophisticated but genuine souvenir which is refined but handmade at the same time. We look after the packaging as well as the oil, because for us opening a gift is a small emotion anticipating the wonderful content.

You can amaze your guests with the colourful mini cans of monovarietal Peranzana, Coratina e Ogliarola extra virgin olive oil.

As an alternative, the wedding favour becomes elegant with the 100 ml mini bottle of ginger flavoured extra virgin olive oil. The label gold foil, the glass exposing the precious extra virgin oil and the customisable box, will make your gift unforgettable in hand luggage size.

You could also choose among the design bottles of monovarietal Coratina, Peranzana e Ogliarola extra virgin olive oil in the format 250 ml or 500 ml or the precious 778 from secular olive trees: a true high quality gift for your company employees. 

Savoia Extra Virgin Olive Oil for wedding favours and corporate gift ideas

We can customise cans and boxes for weddings, christenings, holy communions, confirmations, graduations but also any company event. Whatever is your need or request, we shall be happy to accomodate it. Fill in the form or contact us at the following number +39 333544 5008 (also WhatsApp).