Are you looking for an oil mill in Puglia with a tasting tour? Maybe you also want to learn how to distinguish an excellent quality oil. Probably, you will not find an oil mill in Puglia with a more interesting history than the Savoia oil mill. At the Masseria Pezze d’Aglio in Fasano, accompanied by an expert guide, you will have the opportunity to touch monumental olive trees, visit the fascinating underground oil mill dating back from the Middle Ages and learn the ancient techniques of oil production over the centuries.

This will be followed by a visit to the modern oil mill, where you can discover how a high-quality olive oil is produced. Finally, you will learn how to recognize truly good extra virgin olive oil, thanks to a superb tasting.

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Oil mill tour and Extra Virgin olive oil tasting in Fasano, Puglia

Take part in an extraordinary experience with a tour and oil tasting in our oil mill!

Among the most enchanting oil mills in Puglia, the Savoia oil mill awaits you with an expert and dedicated guide, in Italian or English, to immerse you in the uses and beliefs of oil over the centuries. It is possible to choose a Private Tour: contact us to have more information.

We will welcome you in a farmhouse from the 1700s, Masseria Pezze d’Aglio, where our company is located, together with our oil mill and our sixty hectares olive grove. Here, we will show you the territory, among ancient “lame” and majestic centuries-old olive trees.
Harvesting olives from historic trees needs specific machines and tools that, during the October – November period, you could experience closely for an even more exciting experience. In this first step, we will explain to you what the olive tree varieties are in Puglia, in Italy and all over the world.

We will then accompany you to the underground oil mill, among the ancient grinders dedicated to the oil production in medieval times and the rock settlements, and we will explain the uses of oil and show you the marks left by men over the centuries.
Then the tour moves to the modern oil mill. Here, there will be an explanation about the cutting-edge equipment and the various production phases in order to obtain a superior quality oil, and the differences between extra virgin, virgin, olive oil and “lampante”.
The tour ends with a tasting of various oils in professional cobalt blue tasting glasses. We will compare different oils regarding their purity and, as a real sommelier, you will be able to distinguish the organoleptic properties of each one and learn how to define the characteristics of a high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

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