The tradition of the oil-producing art, preserved for four generations, can be found in this great-tasting product.

Each bottle is a hymn to simplicity, each drop of this precious oil is an invitation to rediscover authentic flavours. Yellow in colour with green reflections, slightly spicy, it is particularly suitable for grilled fish and vegetables.

Frantoio, Leccino, Coratina

Production Area:
Pezze di Greco, Fasano (BR) – ITALY

Altitude of the olive groves:
150 meters above sea level

Harvesting period:
end of October /Mid- December

Golden yellow with green reflections

From green olives, balanced in all its components, intense, with elegant notes of artichoke.

Pleasant taste of green olives, slightly bitter and spicy.

Used straight out from the bottle, particularly suitable for grilled fish and vegetables, as well as for green salads.