Family history and production activities have been combined in Masseria Pezze d’Aglio for four generations.

The farm in numbers

It all starts with an underground oil mill and a medieval rock settlement. The Masseria Pezze D’Aglio, housing the oil mill, dates back to 1700. Since 1909, the Savoia family owns both the farm and the oil mill. The estate stretches for sixty hectares, and has 10.000 olive trees, of which 2.500 are centuries-old plants. The main varieties of Cultivar available in the farm are Ogliarola, Leccino, Coratina, Peranzana, Frantoio and Picholine.

A precious Oil

Passing from one generation to another, we have modified the means, developed skills, introduced new expertise, with the same objective that has remained unchanged over time: producing a high-quality extra virgin olive oil from our olive trees.

“We love what we do and how we do it”

Fratelli Savoia

The first important step for a high-quality oil is to harvest the olives directly from the tree, by hand or through mechanical tools, preserving the integrity of the fruit and all its nutritional properties. In fact, bruised olives harvested from the ground produces a lower quality oil.

The olives are then stored in small boxes and taken immediately to the oil mill, where they are selected, weighed and transformed into oil. The oil mill in the same place as the harvest allows us to shorten the processing times of the fruits.

After a thorough washing process, the olives are ground with a crusher at low speed to avoid heating the paste. At this point, the most important phase of the transformation process begins, that is, kneading: a slow mixing of the olive paste which allows the very small particles of oil to aggregate and bring with them the flavours and aromas present in the olives.
This step is extremely delicate, since too much time and high temperatures can degrade and oxidize the olive paste, reducing the quality and altering the aromas of the oil.
The actual separation then begins: through a simple centrifugal extraction that takes place inside a decanter it is possible to separate the oil from the pomace and the water.
Finally, the oil is refined through a centrifugal separator which eliminates the last parts of water and sediment. Decantation takes place in stainless steel tanks, in which the air is replaced with nitrogen to avoid oxidation.

We are Oil Alchemists

Giorgio Savoia

Agronomist, director of Savoia Agricultural Farm, “father” of our extra virgin olive oil.

Beppe Savoia

Architect and olive farmer for passion

Rosaria Pace

Farm tours manager, foreign contacts, communication and e-shop

Valentina Pace

Administration manager, front office, sales representative.