778 Prestige is a limited edition of the Savoia oil mill. Why did we choose this name?

778 is the oldest date visible on the walls of our underground oil mill, the place preserving centuries of olive oil art.

It is called Prestige because the extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the pressing of our Ogliarola Salentina, a variety of olives from the centuries-old trees of our farm, they are directly picked from the trees at the beginning of the oil producing campaign, when the fruits are completely green, rich and scented. The olives are then milled on the same day in our oil mill.

Passing from the plant to the bottle in a very short time, the extra virgin olive oil keeps all its olfactive components and an exclusive taste unchanged.

It is advisable to carefully reseal the oil in the box after each use, to protect it from light and air, and to store it away from heat sources.

For this extra virgin olive oil, we have chosen a refined bottle that allows you to admire its full colour and full-bodied character. When the bottle is opened, an irresistible good and fresh scent is released, which brings us back to our countryside and to the Sun of Apulia, while the coordinated box cherishes 778 Prestige in a soft casket.


375ml bottle



Ogliarola Salentina


Production Area:

Pezze di Greco, Fasano (BR) – ITALY